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The Super Times just published a story about how you are the villain who just killed Super City's favorite superhero, Ultimate Upstander. Now, other villains are knocking at your door, commissioning you to lay out their next trap. What will you do next?


  • Pixel art and chiptune music
  • Part puzzle, part tower defense, part visual novel
  • 4 possible endings (you'll know when you find the true ending)
  • Play time: ~1 hour
  • Puns!

Made with love for Stanford University's CS247g: Game Design Fundamentals.


Coding: Fiona Hall-Zazueta, Melody Yang, Katherine Liu, Lucy Zhu, Nantanick Tantivasadakarn

Writing: Katherine Liu, Melody Yang, Pao Thao

Art: Katherine Liu, Melody Yang, Lucy Zhu

Music: Melody Yang

If you would like to purchase this game, we encourage you to donate directly to grassroots organizations and bail funds for those actively fighting for Black lives. Any proceeds we receive will be donated.


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I really liked this game! The puzzle aspect was well designed and the items were really cute. Although I gotta say I found the first puzzle more difficult- in that I pretty much immediately got to 6 points, and then spent way too long trying and failing to figure out the mechanics to get higher than that. What's the highest score for the 1st puzzle? Meanwhile the second puzzle was like... fifteen minutes and I was able to get 28 points.

Also (SPOILER) I can't believe I spent all this time designing complex traps and in the end I just... stab the dude to death. Damn. That's coldblooded

Thank you for playing!! Dang, most people spent a long time on the second puzzle :O I think the max for the first puzzle is actually just 6 points, so you didn't need to spend that much time on it.



o-oh..... so I spent all that time.....for nothing.......... why are there so many objects when you can construct a 6 point trap with literally 3 of them lol

I got the true ending! With 100% less stabbing!


the art is so beautiful <3333 

this looks like a cool game, but i can't see any of the lower half of the game because my laptop screen is too small. is there any way to minimize the game screen so i can actually play?

You should be able to resize the window by dragging the corner. Are you on Mac or Windows? Let me know if it remains an issue :O

oh my god yes, that works. idk why i didn't notice but thank u!! (windows btw but ig that's not as important now dfkjhfg)


Played through all 4 endings- this was fun! The 2nd puzzle was especially challenging but I enjoyed figuring it out. A nice short story with great art!

I enjoyed your game, and the combination of visual novel and puzzle elements. On the second puzzle, is it possible to get over 27.0? I got 27.0 exactly and that seemed to be sufficient.

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Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed! Yep, it's possible to get higher than 27.0 on the second puzzle. However, we set it so that 27.0 was the minimum needed to get 3 stars. (I hope you were able to find the true ending!)

Edit: As of right now, the highest possible score that we've found for Puzzle 2 is 29.0.

Hello Melody, i will try this for you~

From your dear cousin.ಠﭛಠ

Hello, my dearest cousin~ 

I hope you enjoyed ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ